John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Claudia 101: Video: Sophia Loren, Mambo Italiano

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I do not know of a better looking or sounding Italian women American or otherwise than Sophia Loren. An absolute goddess a hot sexy baby-face cutie with serious sex appeal. As well as an incredible talent with a great voice, moves, body and ability to make people laugh. One of the best looking and sounding women of any ethnicity of all-time. You know, except for all of those things or mambo, otherwise just another ordinary women. If you were able to forget about all of Sophia’s qualities. Like you were, I don’t know, blind and death at the same time.

Sophia said that sex appeal is fifty-percent of what you have and fifty-percent of what people think you have. She might be right, but in her case its obvious what she has. When you think of goddess’s and not just physically incredibly attractive women, as Sophia obvious is, but I think to be a goddess you have to be more than physical. And be able to show you’re more than that and better yet be able to communicate and move what you have to show everyone. Which is obviously what Sophia has with the great face, voice and body.
Italian Goddess

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