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Liberty Pen: Glenn Beck & Andrew Napolitano: The Future of the Republican Party

Source:Liberty Pen- Judge Andrew Napolitano.

“Glenn Beck and Andrew Napolitano converse about big government, foreign entanglements and the future of the Republican party. Liberty Pen

From Liberty Pen 

If you want to know what the definition of Libertarian or Conservative-Libertarian is, Judge Andrew Napolitano just gave it in this video. “The best government is the government that governs least.” And then he went onto say: “If you take that a step further, the best government is the government that does nothing, then you have chaos.”

Just to show how different Judge Napolitano’s definition of Libertarian, from let’s say a lot of so-called, young Libertarians today, who are probably primarily Millennial’s and in some cases Gen-Xers, the young Libertarians today, sound like anarchists. Everything that government does (according to them) is unconstitutional, including law enforcement and the military.

Andrew Napolitano, doesn’t want to eliminate government. He wants to eliminate the New Deal, the Progressive Era, Great Society, and the civil rights laws. He wants America to be strong at home so it can defend itself from a foreign invader and have the law enforcement and military that can do it. But he’s not looking to eliminate government all together.

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