John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Mitch: Chicago 1968- The Democratic Convention

Source: Mitch 19872-
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1968 is when the Democratic Party changed and no longer became a Northeastern progressive party with a Southern coalition. Made up of people who basically make up the Religious-Right and Neoconservative wing of the Republican Party today. With Liberal Democrats spread out all over the country. By 1968 the Democratic Party was moving away from the South and becoming the party of the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast, as well as the Mid Atlantic.

With the emergence of what I call the Green Party wing of the Democratic Party, that is represented by the Progressive Caucus in Congress. That you see today in the Green Party, but also in Occupy Wall Street. And this is how the Democratic Party lost the White House in 1968 because Liberals and Progressives on the Center-Left in the party were now divided between the New-Left in the party made up of Socialists Anarchists as well as Communists. The group called Students For a Democratic Society then was what Occupy Wall Street is of today. “That some things are so awful about America that sometimes it takes violence and people getting arrested to show Americans how bad this country is.”

The Democratic Party lost in 1968 because they were divided by their two mainstream wings on the Left. The FDR/LBJ Progressive coalition and the JFK Liberal coalition, with this new coalition that’s called the New-Left. People who are against war, but are in favor of using violence to get their message across. Who are against American capitalism and corporate America, but in favor of the New Deal and Great Society. But would expand into what’s known in Europe as the welfare state. What the Green Party today calls the Green New Deal.

The Green Deal would be a whole host of new Federal Government social programs to finish off of what the New Deal and Great Society didn’t accomplish. The New-Left then made up of Students For a Democratic Society and Occupy Wall Street today, are not Pacifists in the sense that they are against violence and would never use violence. They just don’t want violence coming from their government, but are more than willing to use it against government or people in society. That represent what they do not like about America, like private corporations.

1968 is basically when the Democratic Party basically became three political parties. New Democrat Liberals where I am, the FDR Progressives or what’s left of them and Occupy Wall Street today or the Green Party. That sees the Democratic Party and the Republican Party as the same party, but with different names. And even as split as the Democratic Party was back then, they still came within a state or two of winning the 1968 presidential election. But they would’ve done much better without the split happening all in one party.
Mitch: Chicago 1968- The Democratic National Convention

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