John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Commentary Magazine: Opinion: Alana Goodman: Rick Santorum Wants to Ban Gambling: The Big Government Republican Strikes Again

Commentary Magazine: Opinion: Alana Goodman: Rick Santorum Wants to Ban Gambling

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I’m thinking about starting a brand new blog about Rick Santorum. I’m going to completely dedicate it to the former member of Congress who’s benefited greatly since leaving Congress, as so has the rest of the country. I might call it the World of Big Government Courtesy of Rick Santorum. The beauty of it would be, that Senator Santroum would provide me with all the material on his big government position of the day. I might even pay the former Senator royalties, for his contributions to this blog.

The problem with this potential blog, is that it would take up all my time. Forget being a political junky, I would end up becoming a Santorum junky. All Rick 24 hours, seven days a week all the time. Because Rick comes up with a new big government position basically everyday. Stick around and I’ll go through them with you. Reason a libertarian oriented media operation, they have a publication, website and an online TV operation. Something that any Liberal and Libertarian, as well as classical Conservative should be following. 

Reason has two segments called Nanny of the Month and Nanny State. And they pick one new Nanny of the Month for every month. Generally politicians, which would only be as shocking as the sun coming up. They find one person who tried to protect people from themselves. And making new restrictions on how we live our own lives each month. Apparently they haven’t been following Senator  Santorum very much. Because he would win that prize every month and every year. The only question, would be who would finish 2nd. And could they ever see 1st with a telescope.

In the last two weeks, Rick Santorum has come out of favor bf banning heavy metal music, which is why Dave Mustaine endorsed him. Trying to suck up to the Senator with a straw and has lost so many brain cells from heavy metal, which is why he endorsed Rick Santorum. And why Rick wants to ban heavy metal. He’s come out in favor of banning pornography, trying to lure Michelle Bachmann wing of the nut house to endorse him. Condoms, birth control and now today gambling. 

Calling Rick Santorum a Conservative is like calling a midget a giant or a cow a horse. A dog a cat, water, fire, it doesn’t past the laugh test, unless you don’t have a sense of humor. And if that's the case you shouldn’t read this blog either. Rick Santorum would give any Socialist you want to name a great run for being in favor of big government. David McReynolds, Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich have nothing on this guy. They would all be midgets compared with Rick, not just Dennis Kucinich. And every time he finds a new way in how to protect people from themselves, lovers of liberty need to call him out on it.

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