John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Friday, January 13, 2012

AlterNet: Blog: In Onion Worthy News, Major GOP Candidates All Pledge to Be Hard on Porn: Escaped Mental Patients Running For POTUS, What a Country

AlterNet: Blog: Michael Hayne: In Onion Worthy News, Major GOP Candidates All Pledge to Be Hard on Porn

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In other Onion worthy news, I actually agree with the AlterNet on something. Which tells me, its time for another head examination. I generally only read the AlterNet to see what Far-Left conspiracy theorists are up to. And if there’s anything I can do to help them. Suggest certain medicine, a good shrink, perhaps a Mental Institution. 

But from time to time, about as often as oceans are dry and Lindsay Lohan is sober, the AlterNet produces a good story that's actually worth reading and should be taken seriously. Like with their reporting on crime and punishment. And homelessness and the broader War on Poverty. Back in July when Michelle Bachmann, perhaps better known as the “Iron Lady” at her Mental Hospital being off her medicine decided to run for president and make pornography and same-sex marriage her key issues. That is what happens when she is off her medicine. 
Hopefully Michelle is back now getting the help she badly needs at her institution. And perhaps she is now running for President and away inside her mental hospital. Where she’s a resident, but during her time as an escaped patient, she and Rick Santorum took the same pledge, to outlaw pornography. If the Pope were to convert to Islam and Ron Paul were to declare himself now as a Socialist and only then would Michelle or Rick might have an ice balls chance in hell of winning the presidency. 

Michelle and Rick both argued over who singed the pledge first to outlaw pornography and same-sex marriage and return America to the 1950s. Michelle Bachmann finally won the debate, by saying "ha! I Singed it first" Nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in dog do". How you come back from that. This is the state of the Republican Party right now. This is what you have to do to be nominated for president there. 

These are the issues that drive the GOP right now. Like cabbies drive cars, yeah we might have 8.5% Unemployment, a 15T$ national debt and budget deficit approaching 2T$ and rising costs of living. But it's your positions on these that are the issues that only 10% of the country cares about, that the Far-Right of the Republican Party cares about. 

Small percentage of the country at large, but big enough that the GOP still needs them to win. Because of their inability to bring voters from outside of this small community into the party. These issues won’t put anyone back to work, except for people who fight against these things like on the Christian Right, but lay off more people or put more people in Prison that currently work in the adult entertainment industry. 

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