John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dan Marino: The Best Pure Passer Ever

Source:Lee G- throwing for 5000 yards and 48 TD's when teams were still allowed to play great defense and get to the QB.
"Dan Marino's "Quick Release" Career Highlights! The NFL Throwback is your home for all things NFL history."

Source:NFL Throwback- Dan The Man Marino.
From NFL Throwback

People can talk about statistics, especially wins and championships and if that's how the judge NFL QB's there are several better than Dan Marino, like Joe Montana, John Elway, and John Unitas, perhaps even Brett Favre. And if you were born in the 21st Century or barely even remember the 1990s, stats and wins are probably all you judge NFL QB's by and Tom Brady would probably be your pick for the greatest QB ever.

But if you judge QB's individually by what they personally accomplished and what they're personally responsible for and by their talent, their physical and mental abilities, I think you're going to have a helluva hard time finding a better QB than Dan Marino from the Miami Dolphins. Forget about stats for a second (which is almost impossible for Millennial's) no one threw the ball better or as well as Dan Marino.

He really was the Dan The Man in Miami, because the Dolphins were almost completely reliant on him to not just play well, but play great, and lead the team down the field late in the game to win the game for the Dolphins. And doing this without a good defense and running game ( forget about great) for most of his career and doing it when he knew the opposing defense were targeting him with the attitude: "If we get to Marino and stop him, the Dolphins can't beat us."

Dan Marino is the best pure passer and perhaps even best passing QB the NFL has ever had, simply because of his arm, his accuracy, his touch, his leadership, and accomplishing almost everything that he did in his career, including 147 wins (155 including playoffs) without much of a defense and running game for most of his great career.

Like to have seen Joe Montana have the same kind of success without those great 49er defenses and running backs, and o-lines. With Dan Marino, the San Francisco 49ers might have won 5-6 Super Bowls in the 1980s, because he wouldn't have gotten hurt as often. 

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