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John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Storm: Dallas- Barbara Eden Guess-Stars: Michelle's Sweet Revenge

Source:Storm- Barbara Eden: guess-starring on Dallas in 1991.
"Dallas: Michelle takes over Ewing Oil and fires J.R."

From Storm

Source:Fan Pop- "Dallas - Barbara Eden photo"
If you're familiar with the J.R Ewing character on Dallas, you know he made his career out of screwing people over and getting away with it. ( Sound any current U.S. President you know ) So to see someone return the favor on him ( so to speak ) looks real sweet regardless if you're a fan of JR Ewing or not. And I actually personally like the guy as far as how he's able to sum people up and put them in their right places and do with great humor. But the guy is a business shark ( to be too kind ) who advances his own career by eating people alive and putting them out-of-business.

Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden, not only did I Dream of Jeannie which is one of the most popular and perhaps best sitcoms of all-time together in the 1960s and were also longtime friends who had great chemistry together. So to see them together on the greatest soap opera of all-time fighting it out is pretty sweet, but what makes it even sweeter is the background in their relationship in which they had this little tussle. They were former lovers and JR fathered Michell'e ( played by Barbara Eden ) wha would've been their baby a long time ago and he walked out on her and she aborted what would've been their baby. And now she's getting back at him by taking his company away from him. Sort of the definition of sweet revenge: you screw me and I'll screw you even harder. 

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