John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Humble Libertarian: Wes Messamore- 'The Far-Left's Ideal Man'

Source: The Humble Libertarian
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

Warning: for all you so-called social justice and political correctness warriors, this piece could come off as very offensive to you all tight asses who’ve escaped society and haven’t heard let alone got a joke in years and have been isolated from the rest of society that can tell the difference between humor and critique, from bigotry.
Source: The Humble Libertarian

I agree with Wes Messamore that the Far-Left’s ( not the entire Left ) ideal man wouldn’t have a penis. Or at least wouldn’t be straight and masculine. The Far-Left’s radical feminists and Communists, ideal man is basically a queen. A gay man with a very feminine perspective on life who has no interest in manly activities. Who walks around like a female runway model, proud to wear pink. Hates manly sports at least and sees football as promotion of violence in America. Speaks with a voice that makes him sound like a horse kicked him in a balls at least a hundred times, it’s so high.
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The Far-Left’s ideal woman are three different types of women. One is an upscale Northeast or West Coast yuppie, who works and lives in a loft, runs or manages her own whit-collar business. Looks cool with glasses on and never is seen either not staring at her smartphone or holding a cup off coffee from her favorite coffee house.

Another type of woman that the Far-Left loves is an antiestablishment Socialist radical who sees her job as to eliminate all forms of individualism in America. Destroy what she sees as the racist, sexist, selfish, materialistic, American capitalist system. And replace it with a feminist socialist system centralized economic system and government. Where central planners controlled by feminists Socialists, would be in charge for everyone else to decide what everyone needs to live well in life. If you’re familiar with the New-Left of the late 1960s and early 1970s with groups like The Weather Underground, Students For a Democratic Society and ANTIFA today, you know exactly who I’m talking about.

The third deal woman of the Far-:Left is a dyke. Radical feminists don’t hate masculinity completely, just when it comes from Caucasian men especially Anglo-Saxon men. But they like masculinity when it comes from women and non-Caucasian men. They love African-American entertainers and athletes and other African-American men, who are just as masculine as European-American men and in some cases at least more masculine, just as long as they’re also part of the Far-Left not on the right like people like Economics Professor’s Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. So if radical feminist Socialists ever became in charge in America and perhaps only through violent force or everyone else decided to leave the country or simply forgot to vote that day, maybe that would allow some men to keep their dick’s. Just as long as they’re far-left as them.

It’s not so much men that radical feminists hate, except for man-hating lesbian dykes, who in many cases are more masculine than your average straight man. Who get hired by 275 pound NFL lineman to be their bodyguards, because they feel safer having a dyke as their bodyguard. And claim that their dyke bodyguard has more masculinity than his entire football team combined. It Caucasian male masculinity that radical feminists socialists ( or RFS’s ) hate. Because they hold these guys personally responsible for what they see as our racist, sexist, selfish, militarist, economic system and form of government. And if they were to ever become in charge in America, you would see about hundred-million straight men least headed to Canada for fear of having their dick’s chopped off. Because these RFS’s hate straight men, at least straight Caucasian men.
Source: Anna Akana: If Women Ruled The World

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