John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Reason: The Conservatarian Manifesto; Should LIbertarians and Conservatives Unite? Nick Gillespie Interviews Charles C.W. Cooke

You get the Christian-Right and the Neoconservatives out of the picture and Conservatives and Libertarians could come together and you would have a very powerful and popular Republican Party. Because it would be a true Center-Right party without a Far-Right fringe in it. That believes in fiscal conservatism, economic freedom, a strong national defense that doesn't try to police the world at the least with America trying to do everything ourselves. And at the very least a federalist policy on social issues. "That this is not the priority for the Federal Government. And the states should decide issues like abortion, marriage, gambling, prostitution, marijuana, to use as examples." I would still disagree with a conservative libertarian Republican Party like this, but at least I could respect them and discuss issues with them and even find things that I agree with them on.

I don't think Libertarians will ever defend Social Security and Medicare to use as examples, but I could seem them coming to a place where they say that, "these programs are here to stay whether we like that or not. And as Conservatives have gone federalist on the social issues, were' going to go federalist on the safety net and turn them over to the states to run." Along with being in favor of a strong national defense, just as long as its as strong as it needs to be and doesn't try to police the world. That you fight crime and terrorism, but we respect civil liberties at the same time. And you already see this with Conservative Libertarians like Senator Rand Paul who doesn't want to eliminate the safety net in America, but would prefer to have these programs run at the state level instead. I believe these are ways you could bridge Conservatives and Libertarians and bring them together.

I don't expect on seeing this anytime soon. I think either the Christian-Right and Neoconservatives would have to die off at first, or the Republican Party would have to lose real big real soon. Because they still can't appeal to young Americans and Latinos and lose Congress again with another Democratic president. And they finally get it that they need to bring in new voters. And bring in the Libertarians and again find that bridge where they can both stand on and work together. Which is essentially ditching the social issues, or going federalist on them, and concentrate on the issues where Conservatives and Libertarians agree on. Which has to do with economic policy and the size of the Federal Government and having a strong defense. If that happens, the Republican Party could again become a national party and compete with Democrats everywhere.

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