John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sam Seder: Federal Judge Blocks 6-Week Abortion Banning Bill

Source: FRS Daily Times Plus- Pro-Choice on abortion rally 
Source: FRS Daily Times Plus

I don’t love it, but I do find it amusing, even sadly so when I hear people who call themselves fiscal Conservatives, who claim government is too big and spends too much money. And yet they spend taxpayer dollars on bills that if they don’t know that they’ll get thrown out on constitutional grounds, their lawyers at the very least are smart enough to know that. And yet taxpayers still have to pay for the costs of them writing their bills and paying for staff’s work and everything else. North Dakota and their anti-abortion bill, that bans abortion after six-weeks of pregnancy, is a perfect example of that.

If you can forget about the unconstitutionality and big government aspects of the bill, with the state stepping in to make health care decision for competent women, you can also dislike the bill for the waste of tax dollars that come with it. Money that could be used to pay for schools, roads, hospitals, law enforcement, jails, prisons, or lowering property taxes. Is being spent to pass a bill that will eventually get thrown out. And that is before you add up the costs of what it will take to defend the unconstitutional law in the first place. But this politics and politicians don’t take positions too many times to be consistent and accurate. But to meet short-term political goals.
Sam Seder: Judge Blocks 6-Week Abortion Banning Bill

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