John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

AlterNet: Blog: Bill Maher on Rosengate: "I Think What She Meant is That Mitt Romney's Never Gotten Her Ass Out of the House to Work": Hillary Rosen's Fat Mouth Strikes Out

Source:AlterNet: Blog: Bill Maher on Rosengate: "I Think What She Meant is That Mitt Romney's Never Gotten Her Fat Ass Out of the House to Work"

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I’ve gone out of my way to avoid blogging about “Hillary Rosengate”. As Talking Points Memo coined it this week. A progressive Magazine by the way, because it was one of the dumbest things I’ve heard said in American politics. Which is saying something, I mean we had eight years of George W. Bush as President. 
Dumb thing to say especially coming from one of the best political strategists and analysts in the business today in Hillary Rosen. Both Democrats and Republicans would acknowledge that. So dumb to the point that after Hillary Rosen made her statement saying that “Anne Romney has never worked a day in her life” on CNN’s AC360 on Wednesday night, she ends up apologizing for it on the CNN Morning Show on Thursday. 
And the Democratic Leadership goes out of their way to make it clear that they disagree with what Rosen said. The White House makes it clear that Hillary Rosen doesn’t work for them, or for the Obama reelection campaign. Thanks to Rick Santorum who’s turned out to be a year around Christmas Gift for the Democratic Party, as well as for comedians, bloggers and political satirists, Democrats have been kicking butt when it comes to female voters in 2012. 
The Democratic Party has been kicking Republican Butt, especially Mitt Romney’s, when it comes to female voters, as CNN political analyst Gloria Borger said. "Mitt Romney doesn’t have a gender gap with women, but a gender gulf", or gender canyon. Something to that effect, in others words a huge deficit amongst Female Voters. 
President Obama was already having a bad week to begin with. From last Friday’s jobs report that showed job growth slowing. And Hillary Rosen gives the Romney campaign a gift from God. Something positive to talk about, their support for motherhood. I mean seriously who’s against Motherhood, I mean that would be like hating freedom, or sex or sleep, anything else where most Americans absolutely love. 
To suggest that you're in favor of motherhood, which was what the Democratic Leadership was saying post Hillary Rosen’s comments, is like saying you support having a strong country where everyone can get a job that needs one. That you're against crime, especially murder and you hate racism. These things are so obvious, that you shouldn’t have to try to convince people of your positions. 
Hillary Rosen is the big foot in the mouth that the Republican Party has been waiting for ever since they decided that Mitt Romney should be their presidential nominee and Rick Santorum should be his main challenger. They figuring that if "we are going to have to foot in the mouth's running for president, Democrats should have at least one. And I mean a really big one since we have two of them for both legs.

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