John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Los Angeles Times: Opinion: Robin Acarian: Campaign Gaffes: Is Foot-In-Mouth Disease Always Fatal to Campaigns?

Source:Los Angeles Times: Opinion: Robin Acarian: Is Foot-In-Mouths Disease Always Fatal to Political Campaigns?

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Hopefully for Republican Party's sake, they'll decide on their presidential nominee before the cows come home, but they are a little hard to predict right now. They seem about as divided as the Democratic Party in 1972 trying to figure out which Progressive they were going to nominate. Between three Senators, Ed Muskie, George McGovern and Hubert Humphrey. 

They settled on Senator McGovern, even though telling the differences between these three men politically, was trying to tell the difference in color between a couple of red tomatoes. But unless the Obama Campaign is successful in communicating the political gaffes of lets, just for the hell of it Mitt Romney as their  GOP nominee, I flipped a coin that, it would be Mitt Romney, American voters will have forgotten about them, long before the general elections.
Good news that even though generally political gaffes made in presidential primaries aren’t remembered for the general election, whoever the GOP Nominee is. They will still be as addicted to making political gaffes. As Jim Morrison was addicted to alcohol or Rosie O’Donnell is addicted to food. Mitt Romney in the general election, will most likely say something like, "I’m not that rich, I only drive three Cadillacs, I don’t even own a Rolls Royce. I only own three homes, I’m friends with people who own ten. Really I’m not that rich, attack my friends instead". 
I can give you their numbers, they are some of my major contributors. Or Rick Santorum if Mitt Romney were to end his presidential campaign right before he’s nominated. And Rick becomes their presidential nominee. Well first of all if that happens, Republicans will hand in their Republican affiliation. But if that were to happen, he may say something like. "Women. Shouldn’t be allowed to work", the GOP Candidates right now are addicted to political gaffes. There’s more than enough to go around.
America I’m not sure is the only country in the World with a short attention span. But we have the shortest. Are attention span is a midget, so when some politician says something that five minutes later, they want to kick themselves in the balls for saying, or wish they hadn’t drank that extra scotch before giving that speech, take Rick Perry to use as an example, they managed to say something else thats ignorant right after that. That gets played up as well. 

Our politicians and political candidates are only as good as the people who elect them for the most part. From time to time we get leaders that stood out and look like God, at least in comparison to average Americans. Americans say dumb things all the time. But the difference is most of us aren't politicians and our, well bullshit isn't on the national news or web right after we say it unlike our politicians. Which is why they get to look like the assholes, because they represent the assholes who voted for them. 

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