John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

DSRT Princess: Video: Lauren Koslow on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

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Lauren Koslow, is known as Kate Roberts of NBC’s Days of Our Lives. She might actually be better known as Kate Roberts, or Cutie Katie as I call her, than Lauren Koslow. Perhaps if she changed her name to Kate Roberts, she would be a more well-known star. Because she is a star and plays the, well lets say, tough babe on Days as well as it can be played. Tough, but straight-talking and straight-forward. She is a schemer on that show, but has no issues in letting people especially her opponents know where she stands on things and how she feels about people.

I didn’t see the full episode of this Criminal Minds show and have never been a regular viewer of the show and have only caught a few reruns of it. But what I saw in this video of Lauren playing a doctor, instead of the businesswomen she plays of Days, doesn’t look that much different from the women she plays on Days. Cutie Katie, (as I call her) is so freaking adorable, baby-face cute and gorgeous with the voice, hair, personality and sense of humor to match. And has a habit of pissing people off. Because she’s so straight-forward and blunt and simply doesn’t like many people. One, to defend her family and interests. But the other to simply get people she doesn’t like and sees as threats.

The Justine Bateman character on this show, if you’re familiar with Family Ties and Mallory Keaton, you know who Justine Bateman is. And she’s also the sister of comedic actor Jason Bateman. Is obviously not happy with Dr. What’s Her Name (no, I don’t think that’s her real name) played by Lauren Koslow. To the point she’s so angry with The Doctor that she’ll try to shut her up and tape her mouth shut. Well if you’re familiar Kate Roberts, again played by Lauren Koslow on Days, you know that tape and perhaps only knocking her unconscious will shut her up. So this character played by Lauren on Criminal Minds, doesn’t look that different from Kate Roberts from Days. At least to me.

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