John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scott Scherer: Video: The Last Days of the Old Cleveland Browns

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This looks more like the story of the 1990s Browns before they relocated to Baltimore and became the Ravens and. The New Browns came into existence in 1999. To me this looks like the story of the Bill Belichick Browns which is a good story. Because it’s about a guy who was getting his first shot as a NFL head coach and something he deserved, but he inherited a bad football team in 1991. 

His first season where the good days of the Browns of the 1980s were gone and they had become a team that you could expect to lose ten plus games every year. And Bill Belichick didn’t get off to a good start in Cleveland. And started with three straight losing seasons from 1991-93 where progress was slow, but where it finally paid off. 

In 1994 the Browns becoming winners and a playoff team for the first time in five years. But financial problems in Cleveland with the Browns playing at a mammoth aging stadium in Cleveland Municipal Stadium and these issues were real and the Browns simply wouldn’t have been successful in Cleveland playing in that stadium. 

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